How Emails Can Improve Your SEO Strategy

No, Google does not crawl or index your individual emails, nor does it matter if you have a hundred contacts or one contact, however, email is still a useful tool in your SEO toolbox!

How? Well, it’s a great way to focus and target and engage a specific audience; keeping an audience interested and engaged can help improve traffic to your site.

Step One: Interact with your Audience:

Sending informative, interesting and interactive emails to your audience can help get your site and it’s properties shared and forwarded; this obviously won’t help with your search results, but it will help spread the word of your website and what it has to offer. Your first goal is to get you targeted audience hooked to what you’re saying – hooked enough to share and forward that content on social media sites and with other email contacts.

Step Two: RSS Feed to the Rescue

Once you find your targeted audience and have them hooked, you want to expand (while still using email) to an RSS Feed. You want to short of wean clients off of email remainders to find updates from your business; RSS Feed is a great tool to have in your SEO strategy.

You can still encourage people to use their email to link to your posts and content, but also encourage them to follow the feed to receive up-to-date information and posts. Encourage clients to use other sources to stay up to date; for example if they enjoy watching videos, to subscribe to you o YouTube, or if they like your photos, to follow you on Instagram, etc. Getting more followers and subscribers on sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube can really help drive and improve your search results and your SEO strategy.

Final Step: Save and Reuse Well Written Newsletters

When you’re writing these newsletters, you of course, want to produce content that focuses on your selling point, is well written, audience driven, and straight to the point; why not save these letters and recycle them as blog posts? Newsletters would make for the perfect blog post! They are freshly written content, audience specific, and they target products/services on your site.

Don’t let these letters go to waste! Recycling is the way to go! Not only does it allow nonsubscribers to read your insights, but it also adds fresh and unique content to your site, which, as you know, can help improve your search results!

Don’t shy away from emails; they can come in handy! As a business owner, you will do anything in your power to drive as much traffic to your site as possible, right? Why not try email marketing, on top of all your other SEO strategies?

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