How Effective Is Competitor Analysis For Boosting Rankings?

You may have had plenty of reasons for getting invested in search engine optimization when you started, but everyone knows the end goal – to drive website traffic and drive new business! Ensuring that your business appears as high as it can on search engines will help to bridge the gap. Making this happen is easier said than done, but the most seasoned SEO professionals will know how to use these strategies correctly to achieve the best results. Competitor analysis is one such strategy; how effective it is at boosting your ranks will entirely depend on how you go about the process. We’ll show you what can make or break its effectiveness below!

Who You Analyze

It’s natural that your business is going to have competitors on search engines, but what you may not have known is there are a few different types of competitors to keep an eye on. Some will be newcomers to the scene and won’t be as reliable from an information standpoint. Others will be pulling out all of the stops to take their business to the top of the rankings. There are also a select few that aren’t worth analyzing – think the likes of websites like Wikipedia, Mapquest, and Angie’s List. Being able to differentiate the seasoned veterans from the rookies will do wonders for your competitive analysis.

The Scope Of Authority

Every website has a measure of how “authoritative” they are. In layman’s terms, this is a measure of how reliable the websites that your website links to are – and the other way around! Before you decide to target a business for competitive analysis, you should check on their domain authority using your preferred program. Businesses with lower domain authority likely use tactics that are more shady to get to where they are. While they may seem reliable on the surface, they could get scrubbed from the leaderboards the next week. The more trustworthy a site is, the more reliable a competitor they are.

What You Implement

Upon completing your competitor analysis, what you decide to implement is key. Something you may have identified as being positive for a business may not be as impactful as you think – and the other way around! Before you start to adopt strategies into your own SEO plan, take some time to think about what has worked for your competitors and what hasn’t. Be sure that you’ve identified the right options for both – it will make the results come that much quicker!

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