How E-Commerce Businesses Can Take Advantage of AMP

Originally beginning with news articles & blog webpages, over the past few months AMP or Accelerated mobile pages have been rolling out for all type of web pages including e-commerce. If you do not know by now AMP pages are a stripped down version of a web page available on mobile search, allowing the web page to load at a much faster rate. For this reason, AMP is a natural fit for e-commerce. Because AMP makes web pages fast, users are able to make purchases faster which is a win-win for e-commerce business and the user.

If you are an e-commerce business you may be wondering how you can take advantage of AMP pages. Here is a guide to help convert your e-commerce website to be AMP friendly?


The homepage is usually the user will see when entering your site. Which is why you will want to start here. Use features like AMP carousel to offer users a mobile-optimized way to browse your products.

Product Page

AMP can help you create an easy to use product page as well. Using bold hero images and video using the AMP-Carousel and AMP- video elements will showcase your products without too much load time. For products and pages with more details use AMP accordion features to help condense the information.

Related Product Pages

Often time’s users will navigate through your site with the help of related products. You can help users navigate related products by generating a list using AMP list feature. This feature fires a CORS request to a JSON endpoint which supplies the list of related product. These items are then populated into an AMP mustache template on the client.

Personalizing the Experience

When it comes to e-commerce personalizing a user’s experience is key. You can tailor content to the user which can help increase conversions by using the AMP access component to display different blocks of content dependent on if a user has logged in previously. You can also use AMP analytics to monitor how a user is interacting with your site at an aggregate level.

For more information on how to make you e-commerce site AMP- ready check out Google’s guide.

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