How Does Your Website’s Security Impact SEO

Since the internet’s inception, users have gotten smarter and smarter about the way they use it. When problems arise, systems and users adapt to find solutions. But being safe online is a continual process; doing things like avoiding sketchy websites and emails will help, but hackers are savvy and always looking for and finding new ways to harm people. From a digital marketing perspective, website security is something we need to take seriously to protect users and because a lack of security can actually hurt your SEO rankings. Read on to learn the ways that security can affect your SEO.

Don’t Get Blacklisted

Just because a website has poor security doesn’t necessarily mean it’s malicious. But, the lack of protection opens you to increased risk against threats. You and your team have likely put in a lot of work to make your site’s content great and get the SEO right, and now you want to make sure that it isn’t in danger. You don’t want all of your hard work to go to waste. SEO is one of the main reasons for websites being hacked; people may hack your website so that they can place their links on your site in a black hat link-building attempt. Google and other search engines will likely pick up on this spam and could penalize your site or even blacklist it. Security helps protect your hard work.

HTTPS, A Ranking Signal

Websites have to earn their organic rankings with relevant, quality content. Google wants to show users what they want and need, but isn’t going to deliver unsafe search results to users. Search engines aren’t going to send users to sites that could compromise their online safety. Most of the web’s top sites are now using HTTPS, so if you want to stay relevant in SERPs, make the switch.

Be a Trustworthy Website

 When users visit a website, they’re keeping their eyes peeled for things that look malicious or signs that it isn’t secure. Lacking HTTPS in your URL could send savvy visitors away in a fraction of a second. Visitors sometimes even receive notifications from their browser that the page isn’t securing, guaranteeing a bounce. Once you do finally secure your site and have HTTPS in your URL, it’ll take some time for your SEO to bounce back, but with quality user experience, you’ll be climbing the SERP in no time.


Changes to your website may not always have an immediate impact on your SEO; it takes time and is an ongoing process. The bottom line is that creating a high-quality user experience that visitors want to return to is the best way to improve your SEO, and security plays a role in that. Protect yourself and your users.

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