How Does Web Hosting Impact my SEO?

Does your website’s hosting impact the search performance of the site? Which hosting services are the best? You’ve probably seen ads all over Youtube and other parts of the internet which left you with questions all about web hosting. 

With hosting necessary for every website, there is no shortage of marketers out there making claims about their hosting and its superiority because there are many options out there. In actuality, your choice of a web host really doesn’t have much impact on how your website ranks on Google. 

Let’s Check Out the Web Hosting Factors that Impact SEO:


In the earlier days of the internet,t this was a much larger concern than it is today. With modern tech, it’s rare for a website to go down. Even though your hosting doesn’t have the most significant impact on SEO, you want to be sure that you choose a reputable one that doesn’t have regular interruptions.

Site Speed

If you’ve spent time online, you’ve probably realized that faster websites are easier to use. The same goes for your website’s visitors, speed matters for users and even search engines. Smaller hosting options can sometimes be cheaper but often come with bandwidth limitations. Based on your specific needs, you should work with your website’s creator to identify the best option for you. In 2021, shared hosting, virtual servers, and cloud-based hosting are all viable options. The most important thing is to find an option that is compatible with your website’s needs and level of traffic.


Way back in the earlier times of the internet, before content delivery networks were around, your website’s physical location was hosted at making a difference. Where this does matter is when dealing with international laws and regulations. For example, you can’t host a sports betting website from a locality in which sports betting is banned. Never mind the legal ramifications; you don’t want your website hidden because you thought you got a good deal on some cheap overseas hosting.


Any time a web host is placing limits on you, like limited access to your own files or a cap on redirects, it’s not a good sign. You may not see negative SEO impacts from any of these imposed limits, but you will likely run into headaches if you ever decide to work with a different host.

With so much chatter and downright misinformation around web hosting, it’s only normal to have questions. If you’re looking for help with your website and your business’s digital strategy, Boston Web Marketing can help. Contact our experienced team to get started today. 


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