How Does Twitter Event Targeting Work?

Twitter’s new event targeting feature is an advertising feature that allows businesses to reach people engaged with live events on Twitter. In the past, buying Twitter ads around events was a more difficult process, involving hashtags and research. Now, with the new event targeting feature Twitter has streamlined the process. This new feature allows advertisers to engage with an audience directly based on events they have shown interest in. You can predict and plan your engagement using valuable insights and create campaigns that deliver the information you want to the people who are most interested.

How it works

Twitter looks at a variety of user engagement signals to identify the audience; it’s not just people who are tweeting, but also those who are looking for and engaging with content around the event. Twitter uses three primary tools to help advertisers target their audience.

Event Calendar: The event calendar displays major events around the world as well as sporting and entertainment events, holidays and more. Users can filter events by location, date, or type of event.

Event Insights: Event insights includes stats and information on the event based on previous year’s data. Including insights such as total reach, gender break down, and highest engaging tweets.

Event Activation: You then have the option to create a new campaign surrounding that event. Twitter will automatically generate a campaign targeted around the event you are viewing.  This can be combined with other Twitter ad targeting features such as gender, language and device.


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