How Does Social Media Help SEO?

While it isn’t an official ranking factor according to Google, social media does have ways of improving your SEO, when done right. The exact impact it has is often talked about and debated because of the different studies and data collected on the matter.

While it was originally stated that Social Media was a ranking factor by Google Exec Matt Cutts back in 2010, he has since changed his tune and issued a statement in 2014 that social media specifically doesn’t offer any SEO benefits over listings on other platforms. 

Social Platforms Provide Backlinks

If you understand foundational off-site SEO concepts then understanding how social media works in this faction is really no different. At the end of the day, social media sites provide backlinks just like any other referral site.

However, as you might know, the quality of your backlinks is just as important than the quantity, if not more so. The only difference between social media sites and other backlinks is that they are in fact high quality. Sites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter are some of the most well respected sites on the internet these days.

Correlation is Not Causation

Keep in mind that companies who are willing to invest in social media are also likely to invest in good SEO techniques. This certainly gives us a second perspective on the data that supports social media’s positive impact on SEO because it’s hard to dictate the cause and effect relationship.

The More The Merrier

Regardless, social media does provide more opportunities for links everywhere, not just on a profile description or biography, but in posts, replies, and comments. This exposure is great for growing referral traffic. 

Searching Within Social

While social media does have a positive impact on Google’s search visibility, another factor you might want to consider is people searching for specific terms on the social platforms themselves. This is especially true on Instagram and Twitter that utilize hashtags and localized data. These searches are becoming more common, as is turning to social media to find specific businesses to shop from.

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