How Does Social Media Affect SEO

Search engine optimizer’s know that social media has an effect on your site’s rankings.  However, it can be difficult to quantify exactly what the effect is.  As it stands, it is clear to optimizer’s that social media shares and engagement are correlated with higher site rankings. However, just because there is a correlation, doesn’t mean that social media engagement is directly responsible for the increase in rankings. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of social media:

Why Social Media Is Important

Oftentimes when social media appears to be causing a leap in your rankings, it’s not the social media itself, but it’s everything that comes with the post that boosts your site’s rankings.

For example, imagine that you share a piece of content that gets a lot of shares or retweets.  This content is seen by hundreds or thousands of people. As more and more people see your content, it begins to accumulate links from those who are referencing the content. Those backlinks help increase your site’s rankings, which in turn increases your social media presence as you gain a larger following.

Increasing Your Online Presence Through Social Media

If you want to gain a larger following through your social media channels, there are a few things you should do.  The first is to focus on creating quality content. Rather than focusing on creating content that promotes your companies specific services, focus on creating content that appeals to a wide audience, such as how-tos or other informational content.  People will be far more likely to share content that can help them solve a common problem that they will be to share a piece of content that essentially functions as an advertisement for your services.

Don’t Focus On Links

Another thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t use social media to try to accumulate links.  While a link on your site will remain visible, links on social media quickly become buried on news-feeds and hold little value.  Instead of focusing on getting links on social media, you want try to build a following of users who interact with your content and help generate organic promotion for your business by talking about it.  You will get far more out of this engagement than you will from accumulating links from these users.

Finally, focus on accumulating a quality following. You could have 1,000 followers, but 10 of the right followers will be far more beneficial.  Focus on attracting the attention of influencers in your industry who will be able to help promote your brand.  However, don’t pester them with requests to repost their content.  Focus on building relationships that last instead of bothering them so much to post one blog that they never want to associate with you again.

To succeed through social media, focus on producing quality content that people want to engage with above all else.  Form relationships with people instead of trying to get as many people to repost your content as possible.  If you focus on creating these relationships and quality content, you will naturally accumulate backlinks that will help your sites rank!

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