How Does Reputation Management Affect Your SEO?

As you probably know, there are many pieces to the puzzle when it comes to SEO. There’s not just one thing that will magically bring you to the top; it’s consistent efforts in many different areas that will have an impact on your rankings in the SERPS. Some of the basics that most people are aware of are adding fresh content to your site, optimizing page titles and meta descriptions, adding alt text to images, using internal linking, etc. However, one that is often overlooked is reputation management as a part of your SEO efforts.

Why Reviews are Important

Consumers greatly trust the reviews of others online. While the reviews may not be directly factored into the algorithms that have an impact on your rankings, they can still affect your SEO in a few ways. The number of reviews and their quality can have a significant impact on how visible your business is to consumers. When someone searches a phrase such as “landscapers near me,” Google is likely to pull the sites with the best reviews first. When your company shows up in the local pack results, your rating score is automatically displayed. Therefore, if you have a 5-star rating, and the 2 other companies being displayed only have 3-stars, the user is more likely to click on your site first to learn more. This helps to increase overall traffic to your site and potential conversions.

Why Your Response Matters

Responding to these reviews is also important, as search engines like to see businesses interacting with their customers. It’s important when crafting your response to keep in mind that you’re not only replying to just the customer, but also any potential customers in the future. This is an opportunity for you to highlight your services, what sets you apart from competitors, and ultimately reinforce why a customer should choose your business.

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