How Does Off-site SEO Help Your Website?

Off-site SEO tactics may not be the first strategy to come to mind when discussing the topic of SEO. Typically the foundation of a good website is determined by its on-site SEO tactics and best-implemented practices. This causes other areas such as off-site SEO to be neglected, making your website lose out on potential organic traffic.

What is Off-site SEO?

Unlike on-site SEO which is optimizing everything on your website whether it be pictures or meta titles. Off-site SEO has to do with everything you optimize off of your website. Examples of off-site SEO are links on other sites linking back to your website, social media, and local listings. The main importance is utilizing other sites or socials to help get the name of your website more trusted by search engines.

Why Do Search Engines Like Off-Site SEO?

Many websites are created every day with all kinds of purposes behind them whether good or bad. In order to help against illegitimate websites search engines use off-site SEO to help them sort through the bad apples. Search engines like Google love off-site SEO because to them it shows trust and authority. When numerous websites, social posts, or listings link back to your website it tells search engines you have a legitimate site. Something as simple as claiming your local reviews on websites can help improve your off-site reputation. Slowly improving your reputation and notoriety will help give your website a massive edge against any competitors.

How Do I Optimize My Off-Site SEO?

Optimizing your off-site SEO can be done with a variety of tactics and strategies. To best help you understand where to start here are some small tips for when you begin optimizing. The website that is linking back to your website matters. Search engines take into account the size and reputation of the website that is linking back to you. The more well-known the website the more of an increase your website will see in search results.

Although Social media is mostly known to increase brand awareness it has many more benefits especially when linking a post back to your website. When someone clicks a link to your website from a social post it tells search engines that people are interested in your website since you’re gaining traffic from other sources. Lastly, an easy way to optimize your off-site SEO is by utilizing your local listings. If your website is for a local business this step will help you even more. Simply registering your website or claiming company reviews on listing sites such as Yelp will help search engines show your website to your local community.

Still Not Sure Where to Start for Off-Site SEO?

Knowing the next step for your off-site SEO can be challenging and time-consuming especially if you are a business owner. That is why Boston Web Marketing makes it easy for all its clients to fully optimize their websites. With a talented team of professional SEO specialists, your website will reach new heights never thought possible.

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