How Does Mobilegeddon Update Compare to Other Google Updates?

Since Google announced their Mobile Friendly Update in late February, business owners and webmasters alike have been scrambling to make their sites mobile friendly.

A lot of people want to know the implications of this update; if their site is not mobile friendly, will there be some sort of penalty pinged on their site? Sites that were pinged by the Penguin and Panda Updates in 2011 and 2012 were placed in the “Google Penalty Box” for time that was solely established by Google. Will sites that are not mobile friendly share this same fate?

We still are not 100% sure on what implications this update will have, but we’re fairly certain that the result will NOT be similar to those sites that were hit by Panda & Penguin.

After some rigorous research, we have found that the “Mobilegeddon” update will be different from previous Google Updates. If you fail to produce a mobile friendly site by the April 21st deadline, you’re not completely dead in the water; you can still make the necessary adjustments and changes to make your site mobile friendly. You will not be placed in a Google penalty box, like you were with the original Panda and Penguin Updates.

Do we recommend creating (in the least) a mobile friendly site? Absolutely! Mobile searches have surpassed desktop searches this year, to not even consider creating a mobile friendly site is just silly! If you’re unable to adjust your budget before the April 21 Update, again, you’re not a sitting duck, you have time after the update to make the necessary changes to fit Google’s Mobile Guidelines.

If you need assistance in creating a mobile friendly site, the specialists here at Boston Web Marketing can point you in the right direction! We can set you up with a brand new Responsive site that fits the screen of all desktops, tablets and smartphones, or we can create you a separate mobile site. We can go over the pros of both Responsive and Mobile Sites!

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