How Does Link Building Influence Rankings?

In general, each link to a website has a small to medium effect, but this certainly increases over time. If you implement dozens of links at once, you won’t see faster results but you will see larger results over time.

Below you’ll find a graph displaying  a ranking comparison between pages that are already on the first page vs pages that rank on the second page and beyond. Pages that are already ranking have barely moved over one spot in a 22 week period. On the other hand, 2nd and 3rd page results increased within 8-9 weeks.

avg increase ranking


It takes some time to gain links from a link building campaign. Each step varies in time, depending on the company you work for and resources you’ve already attained.

Follow the steps below to help build out your link building campaign

  • Browse around for potential websites to target and generate content to entice those specific links. Try to find pages that list resources which your company provides.
  • Offer either free estimates, guest posts or resources to spark interest with prospective sites.
  • Create infographics to grab attention.
  • If you’re a leader in your specific field, create unique, high-quality content to supplement your infographic.
  • Continuously push out content; keep in mind that it takes time to write all your emails and respond to feedback.
  • Wait for the links to be effective! It’s critical not to panic as it could take 6 months to 1 year for your link building techniques to be effective.

Remember, set realistic expectations because SEO is an investment!

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