How Does Instagram Hiding Likes Impact You?

Instagram is hiding likes. Instagram is a social platform known for likes, comments, followers, and reposts, but the CEO of Instagram has recently tried to curb the need for likes. Instagram has been testing out what it would look like without the like feature in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Ireland, Italy, and Brazil. The change is meant to return Instagram to the original platform – when creativity was the most important – the shift is fueled by the rise of associated impacts on mental health and societal pressure. This change is to benefit and impact Generation-Z, who is coming of age online. But given just how ever-present Instagram has become, that this change will affect everyone.

Is Removing Likes a Good or Bad Thing?

The answer is that it’s both. Decreasing the misleading depictions of immeasurable wealth and unlimited access to life’s riches from famous influencers is a good thing. Perhaps it will stop growing societal addiction to comparison, where we continuously measure our lives against false ideals. Hiding likes may also restore creativity and authenticity back to Instagram. Without the need for validation, maybe creatives will post truer authentic posts and not just what they’re expected to. Hiding likes removes the need for acceptance. Selfie posts with low likes would no longer equate to people’s self- worth.  

Provide Opportunity

 Hiding likes will force marketers to look past vanity metrics such as likes and instead boost original content. Your conversion will remain visible on the back-end, meaning that for paid partners, Instagram engagement tools will continue to show accurate metrics.

Loss of Motivation Factor

The removal of likes is similar to no audience applause at the end of a performance. Your posts are no longer post flooded with the droves of likes and comments, no personal way to measure your success. Evaluating your audience’s interest in a post to figure out what content to keep posting or move away from will have to be determined in other ways. There is a loss of motivation factor, in the efforts you put behind an Instagram post. People will feel less incentivized to like and interact with other users’ posts.


If you are not getting the likes, you’re not getting the reach, meaning your content is not going far. Likes drive engagement; the algorithm will need to change. The likes feature is built into what gets seen on Instagram, so anyone caught up in Instagram’s experiment— are seeing less reach and growth on their posts.

Brands and marketers will bear the responsibility of presenting engagement metrics to potential partners. The navigation of the creator and influencer market will become difficult. Instagram may even eventually monetize a feature for influencers and brand managers to showcase performance metrics or conversions. Although hiding likes won’t impact the entire Instagram user base, a ripple effect has already begun. It nice to see that Instagram is trying to prioritize depressurizing social structures but take the necessary steps to make sure you a ready for Instagram’s change.

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