How Does Google Merchant Center Help eCommerce Search?

Do you ever wonder why Google is always making updates to their algorithms and programs? It’s because the user experience is always changing, and Google needs to account for those changes! When it comes to eCommerce search, Google’s way of thinking is no different. Google Merchant Center was launched in 2020 with the aim to make eCommerce search better tailored to the user experience. But, how exactly does the program accomplish this? We break it down for you below!


Google Merchant Center doesn’t just make it easier for users to connect with the products they want. It can also help sellers have greater means of connecting users to their own products! Google Merchant Center allows eCommerce merchants to upload highly customizable ads. You’ll have the ability to edit these ads even after they go live, allowing you to give potential customers the most accurate information at all times. This program works in tandem with Google Ads to help maximize your reach, ensuring that you receive only the audience you want.

Measuring Performance

Part of an SEO strategy revolves around checking to see what actions are working and what ones aren’t, and the same can be said for users of Google Merchant Center. Just like you can in Google Ads, you can measure how your ecommerce ads are performing in real-time. This means that you’ll have a greater idea over what ads are performing and which ones are declining. Using this data, you can reformat your strategy and experiment with new tactics to gauge how well they affect your sales. Having greater control over ad performance will allow you to further improve your products’ reach.

Ease Of User Experience

Just as Google Merchant Center makes it easier for eCommerce merchants to connect products with their audience, it also makes it easier for consumers to find what they’re looking for. For example, if a user were to search for water shoes on Google, hitting the shopping tab would bring up a host of customization options. They account for specifications like size, color and price to ensure that the user finds an exact match of what they’re looking for. Google Merchant Center has simplified the shopping experience for both user and merchant.

Ads And eCommerce With Boston Web Marketing

An SEO strategy has many moving parts, including the use of Google Ads and Merchant Center to improve your reach. At Boston Web Marketing, we account for all the little details to ensure that your SEO strategy is concrete and impactful. For a greater reach and more traffic to your business, click here to contact us directly!

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