How Does Google Build Knowledge Graph?

Google’s Knowledge Graph holds all of the information that Google displays in a knowledge box to answer queries that are searched. How do they go about choosing which information to include in their knowledge graph? Google uses a strategic testing method to make sure that Google provides the best results for any possible query.




Google is constantly testing the results that appear in a knowledge box, using everyday users as guinea pigs to produce the best answer. For example if someone searches for the definition of a word and they don’t like the answer in the knowledge box, they would click on one of the links that Google provides. The next time that someone searched for that word, Google would try a different definition in the knowledge box, probably one that is taken from the link that the first person clicked on and liked.

Google will continue to use this process because their algorithm cannot provide the perfect answer, because the perfect answer can vary depending on the preferences of the user. This is a very aggressive tactic that will work in Google’s favor because it shows that they are constantly trying to supply the user with the best information possible.

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