How Does Elementor Work with WordPress?

When building a website it is important that you pick the correct platform to build your website on. This is an extremely important discussion because once you select the platform, it will take a lot of time & money to switch platforms if you are not happy. Here at Boston Web marketing, we work with a wide variety of platforms on a daily basis. However, one platform that we will most often recommend to our clients is Word Press. Word Press is a user-friendly platform that has an endless amount of plug-ins to enhance your experience on the site. One plugin that we highly recommend for website building is Elementor.

Elementor is User-friendly

Elementor is extremely easy to pick up on. This is important if you are using an agency for website updates & edits, this way your agency can make edits quickly & efficiently when you want them. This is important because it becomes extremely frustrating on both ends when an edit needs to made on a site & the agency is trying to figure out how to perform the edit, & you are waiting for it to be done. Elementor also give you the option to update some things yourself as the website owner. This is good for updates that are minor & do not need to go through an agency.

Requires No tech Background knowledge

In word press or HTML sites sometimes in the back end of the site, you will need to provide some coding to complete some actions so they show up on the main site. This requires some easy application on the home page to become a difficult & frustrating task. For example, getting an interactive Google map on the home page of a site used to require a lot of coding & placement. On Elementor adding an interactive Google map is as easy as clicking and dragging the google map onto the spot you want on your home page. All coding is done for you in this platform.

Looks great

Elementor has a default template that will make your page look new & up to date! If you have an older site & you are due for a site update then Elementor may be something you should be considering. Elementor also is extremely good for your SEO.  Elementor allows you to use customizable buttons & calls to actions that will drive up your traffic in mobile users as well as desktop users.

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