How Does Content Marketing Work?

Effective content marketing is essential when driving traffic to your website and gaining traction no mater what industry you are apart of. But, one of the biggest issues is that a large percentage of people are 100% sure of how content marketing works, which in turn means they aren’t executing their content marketing as well as they should be. There are two sides to content marketing: the content side and the marketing side. In order to market something, you need content, and in order to have your content found, you need to market it. Together these two parts allow you to attract, inform, and engage your target audience.
Content marketing, just like anything else, goes through stages. By following these stages (or cycle) you are able to effectively create a marketing strategy for the high-quality content you have just created.
1. Goal Setting. Before creating any content, it’s important to have your end goal in mind so you know what steps to take and properly achieve these goals. Figure out your why. Why are you creating this content?
2. Strategy. When coming up with your strategy, think of your potential clients -what do they need, how can you offer a solution, how can you set yourself apart from your competitors? By defining our clients and your competitors, you’ll be able to put a strategy together that will allow you to set your brand apart from your competitors and land your ideal clients.
3. Content Creation. The heart of content marketing is the content that is created. The goal is to have high-quality, attention grabbing content whether it is a blog post, videos, tools (courses, printables, etc.), or podcasts. This is the time to nudge into your creative side and produce work that your potential customers will gain knowledge from.
4. Optimization. SEO is crucial for promoting your content and gaining organic traffic to your pages, blog posts, and website in general. By implementing SEO tactics such as using meta descriptions, titles, keywords, internals links, and more, your content will be more likely to be found on search engine result pages.
5. Promotion. Promotion is where the marketing side of content marketing comes in and is the area where effectiveness often lacks. Promotion is beyond posting your content to social media once and never sharing it again. In order to create conversation about your brand, you need to continuously promote the high-quality content you created across social media, word of mouth, when you are apart of interviews and podcasts, newsletters – share your work wherever you possibly can and bring it up every chance you get.
6. Measurement. Once you have put your content out there in the world, it’s important to be able to measure it to see what worked, what didn’t work, and what to implement the next time around. There are various tools you can use to track this information but the most helpful tool is going to be Google Analytics. After the initial launch of new content, it’s important to check in and measure how it is doing on a quarterly basis. The information you collect will be useful when it comes to creating new content in the future.

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