How Does Blogging Help With SEO?

Blogging helps with SEO in a number of ways. By blogging you are constantly adding and updating your website. When you add to your blog – you are giving yourself more content on your website so that more people can find you and your services. We’ve broken down how and why blogging does help with SEO.

How SEO helps with blogging

Blogging keeps your website fresh and current

By adding a blog you are able to add to your website even if your products/services don’t change. Chances are, you’ve probably been to a website that looks outdated and you get right off of it. In search engines’ eyes, like Google, they always want to present people with relevant and current information – a blog lets your website be shown to people in search results.

People will stay on your website longer

When people stay on your website longer, it’s showing Google that the information they clicked on was in fact what they were looking for. If someone is searching for a question and your blog is answering that question, chances are they will read your post to get the answer.

You can have more long-tailed keywords on your website

Google used to just use keywords like “tires” “car equipment”  to give people search results but as Google is constantly trying to adapt and come up with better ways to get people the results they are looking for, so does the way they look at keywords. For example, if you are a tire store and you’re trying to get people onto your website instead of just adding a page with “winter tires” you can add a blog titled “what winter tires are best” which is what people are searching for. 

Blogging gives opportunities to add internal linking

Google & other search engines want your user to have the best experience on your website. This is done by guiding them to where they might want to go – with an internal link. If you are blogging about winter tires, then you could add an internal link to your winter tires page so that if people may be interested in them – they can just click right there.

Overall, a blog is a powerful SEO tool and really does help improve your SEO. Done right, blogging can positively affect your rankings on Google & other search engines so that you rank higher. For more information on how to rank higher on Google, it’s best to learn about Google’s ranking factors. If you have any questions about improving your SEO and how blogging and other factors can help, contact us! We offer a free SEO analysis and are happy to answer any of your questions

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