How Do You Write an SEO Friendly Blog?

Creating and writing content for a website is a key part of a successful SEO strategy. It is important to correctly optimize the content being written to help your website’s rankings in the long run. A good rule of thumb while writing a blog or any content for a website is to make sure it is both optimized for a user visiting your site and optimized for search engines like Google. Now you may ask how do I optimize for both? Keep reading to find a quick and easy guide to writing optimized blogs!

How To Optimize a Blog for A Search Engine:

  • Use of Correct H Tags- The H1 tag will be the first thing that Google and other search engines will see when crawling a page. The other headings will also help Google understand what the rest of the content is about. This is why it is so beneficial to put keywords into your H1 and H2 tags.
  • Use Internal Links- Internal links are so beneficial for websites. These links can help search engines find other pages within your website, can reduce the bounce rate on your website, and show search engines that the content is relevant to the rest of your website.
  • Use Keywords- Using keywords is another great way to optimize your content for a search engine. You should place keywords in the headings, page title, meta description, and throughout the content written. However, be sure not to keyword stuff!
  • Lengthy Content- Many studies have shown that websites with longer content typically rank higher. A good rule of thumb is to write content with a 400-word minimum.

How To Optimize a Blog for Users:

  • Short Paragraphs- Consumers today do not like to be bogged down with a lot of words. Instead of creating long and lengthy paragraphs, make shorter, more concise paragraphs. Many users would rather read a shorter paragraph rather than a length one.
  • Use Internal Links- Using internal links is beneficial for both SEO purposes and user experience. Using relevant links within the content you write can help your users navigate through your website more efficiently and easily.
  • Relevant Content- One of the best ways to optimize your content for users is to create blogs that are relevant to users’ wants and needs. A great way to find out what those topics may be is to use software such as Google Search Console to research what users are typically searching for. Once you find a few topics that are being searched for often you can develop blogs around those topics.

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