How Do You Utilize E-Mail Marketing?

E-Mail marketing can provide a great return on investment for small business owners who are looking to develop their existing client base and attract new customers. If you are looking to step into the world of e-mail marketing but don’t have any experience, don’t fret, there are a few steps to get you heading in the right direction.


Plan Ahead

A good way to develop your content in your emails is to take a look at the calendar. Find reasons to reach out to your customers surrounding certain holidays or events throughout the year. Develop promotions or informative emails around these holidays and events. For example, a real estate company can target prospective clients with school aged children at the end of the school year with emails on the benefits of looking for a new house in the summer. Feel free to get creative on the months that might not have a large holiday associated with it. Remember, it takes multiple touches to convert a lead into a paying customer via email marketing.


Create Your Content

E-mails part of marketing campaigns can almost always be broken into two categories. Time based promotional e-mails and non-promotional e-mails.  The differences are simple, but the purposes are much different.


  • Time based promotional E-mails:  These emails are almost self-explanatory. They might be titled, “Labor Day Weekend Event” or “Summer Savings Sale”. These emails start with an introductory email letting the client or prospect know there is a deal to be had that will expire eventually. They are followed up by a couple reminder emails and a last chance email. The purpose? To drive sales.


  • Non-Promotional E-mails:  Walk into any marketing department today and you may hear the term, “content is king!” A good channel to promote your content is through your e-mail marketing campaign.  The purpose? To provide value and information to your client or prospect. By becoming a trusted source of information in your industry, people are more likely to come to you when they are ready to make a purchase.


Measure The Results

Every good e-mail marketing platform allows you the ability to measure your results of your email blasts. This is where you fine tweak your delivery through analyzing metrics. Notice a particular trend in the content that is providing you more leads? It may be a good idea to expand on that type of content. Check out some of our tips on useful metrics to look at with your campaigns.


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