How Do You Optimize Images With SEO?

Next to evergreen content, images are very important for website optimization. To capitalize on high traffic on search engines, its best to optimize your images on your website. To optimize your images follow these four tips.

  1. Alt Txt: Since search engine “spiders” will not be able to see that an image is an actual image so you will have to provide alternative information in the form of alt text. Alt texts are just specific texts that allows for search engines to read your images easier. By using a small snippet of code of Alt text with the image it will optimize it on your webpage. For example, if you have an image named “springtulips.jpg” on your computer, the code will look like <img src= “springtulips” alt= “flowers” />. There are forms available on some content management sites where you won’t have to code anything and just enter the alt text to the image.
  2. Compress File: image file sizes should be taken into consideration when adding images into your contents. Large image sizes will slow down the page loading speed so make sure to compress the image size so it’s small yet sharp in quality.
  3. Be Descriptive: Be descriptive in your filename before uploading the image file to boost rankings for your website. The name of the image file can be filled with strong keywords from your website so search engines can pull those keywords even from your image faster.
  4. Captions: Next to headlines, captions are the most read part of your website content. By including a caption to your image will help direct your site visitors better.

To reach maximum traffic potential on your website it is best to take advantage of image optimization on your website by following these simple tips. If you have any questions regarding search engine optimization services feel free  to contact us at 857-526-0096.

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