How Do You Make Something Go Viral?

We’ve all seen it: a cute photo, a funny video or another concept that suddenly takes over the internet and is being viewed and shared by thousands of people. But, how does a person or brand make this happen? This act is known as “Virality,” which occurs when an idea starts with one person, business, brand and travels within a specific community and eventually expands outwards to many others. This idea, or often referred to as a “Meme,” can be anything such as a trend, behavior, video or image that travels from person to person in a particular environment. Memes can broadcast a business’ message or identity, and they can become an impressively effective way to connect with people and achieve more visibility and acknowledgement online.

With the importance and immense usage of social networks, Memes can go viral in no time at all.  Social media platforms such as Google+, for example, even allow you to create specific groups to share similar interests and ideas, creating a perfect environment to present yourself to others.  A company or brand can really utilize Memes when they are intriguing; whether it is something cute, funny or touching, if it is something that others can immediately relate to or enjoy, there is the likelihood that they will want to share it as well.  This is a great opportunity for you as a business to connect with a much larger audience and leave a positive, lasting impression.

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