How Do You Know You are Providing The Best Content for Local Businesses?

The essential purpose of search engine optimization is making sure your client’s site comes up on top.

Ranking first on Google involves a plethora of things that you must address for your client. What makes them the primary site, when users search local businesses?

Obtaining the client was easy, but now how do you set them apart, from their competition. The answer is simple, what makes your business the prototype in what they do? Why should their customer go to them, versus going to XYZ company? What is the business’s value proposition?  Once you’ve figured this out, it makes your job much easier when assisting your client.

There are many ways to approach this, the first is finding out how your client is involved in the local community. Do they sponsor events for local charities? Do they involve themselves in fundraisers or support nonprofit organizations? If your client’s business is selling a product , do they farm their own products? Is their customer service exceptional? What do they do that others don’t?

Don’t be afraid to ask your clients about their processes and operations. This information makes them unique from other businesses in the area. Asking your client specific questions makes you stand out because you are digging deeper into what they do.

The goal is to properly showcase their business the best way possible. Doing so makes your client more involved in the development of their site, and local SEO rankings, it also makes your job easier.

Frequently we find ourselves using the same methods over, and over again, for every client we gain. By using different tactics tailored to your clients, help set their business apart and make your job a whole lot easier.

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