How Do You Increase Positive Customer Reviews?

No matter what industry your company falls under, whether you offer a service or product, customer reviews are important. Reviews have the ability to completely change a consumer’s mind; over 90% of shoppers say they are influenced by them! Though it is not up to you whether or not a customer or client chooses to leave you a review, there are ways that you can increase your chances of receiving more. Read along for the best practices you can implement in order to garner more positive online reviews.


It sounds so simple, but following up with consumers after a purchase is a great way to get their feedback. Consider sending them an email after their purchase or service. Make sure to do this relatively soon after so it is still fresh on their mind when they receive your email.

Make it Easy

People are not going to click through tab after tab for minutes in order to leave a review. Make sure to make leaving reviews is super easy and efficient for your customers. You can create a page on your website with links straight to your Google or Yelp reviews, making it simple for someone to leave one. You could also include a simple link in your follow-up email when asking for a review.

Thank Those Who Do

If you see that someone had taken the time to leave you a kind, 5-star review, it is important to go the extra mile and thank them for doing so. This gives you the opportunity to make the relationship between you and the consumer stronger and increase their chances of coming back again. To add incentive, you could even offer them a gift, like a discount offer, for leaving a review; then you will have a great review and a returning customer!

Post Reviews on Social Media

Not only will posting good reviews on social media show your followers and anyone else who sees that people enjoy and like your products or services, but it may entice them to do the same. Some people may not know or even think to write a review until they see someone else do so, so show them off!

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Getting consumers who have enjoyed and loved your products or services is more crucial than ever. If you are looking for more ways to get reviews and improve your SEO, contact Boston Web Marketing today! Our team of experts can implement all of the tricks of the trades we know in order for you to garner more 5-star reviews for your company.

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