How Do You Hit It Big With a Blog Post?

Driving traffic through service area pages or service pages is often ideal, but when crafted correctly, you just might strike gold with an industry-related blog post. If it turns out to be a hit, blog posts can rank as the highest landing page for your site, even above the home page or contact page. Here’s how to optimize your blog post and what you’ll want to include if it does strike gold!

Page Title & Meta Description

Create an easy to read and straight to the point page title so that your post will be clicked on by those looking for fast facts. Your meta description is just as important in hooking users and should be straightforward in terms of what information you’re offering and what your company does. This will also help you rank higher for long tail search queries – Consider making your blog post title a frequently asked question or a commonly searched phrase.

Header Tags

The truth is, most people will only skim an article for the information they need rather than reading in depth. Header tags not only help Google crawl the content & keywords, but also allow for easy readability for your site’s users. If your post ranks high enough, Google might even feature your header tags in the post preview when it shows up at the top of a search.

Hyperlinks & CTAs

The ultimate goal of any landing page is to convert the user into a lead for your business. Hyperlink to other useful pages of your website so that users can access further information if they wish. Include a call to action and direct users towards your phone number, email, or contact form! You might even include a contact form in the sidebar or footer of the post itself. The goal is both to provide information and spark an interest in your services.

Touch on a Niche Subject

Ranking for specific questions or search queries is often easier than ranking for general search terms. For example, instead of writing “Benefits of Botox,” try something like “6 Areas of the Face That Can Improve With Botox.” Instead of writing “Landscaping Tips,” try “6 Things to Know About DIY Landscaping.”

Need a Content Boost?

While writing your own blogs can be effective, the best way to regularly refresh your site with quality content is to hire a search engine optimization specialist. Boston Web Marketing offers free website audits so that we can create a customized plan to improve your company’s digital footprint. Once we begin working with you, an experienced SEO rep will work personally on your account so that your business gets the time and attention needed for success. For content advice or a free website audit, contact our team today!

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