How Do You Grow Your Audience Using Author Tags on Facebook?

Now there is a new way for publishers to get more followers on Facebook with their new feature, Author Tags.  People who found a piece of content on Facebook by an author can now easily follow these authors. Author tags are a web development tool that connects the byline of story preview in the News Feed, the tags will link to the author’s page or profile with the option to follow them as well. This new feature will allow journalists or authors to grow their audience with people who are genuinely interested in their work by being engaged with their content. By making this connection on Facebook, publishers can now nature a connection into something more meaningful with one-on-one conversation or Q&A’s.  To implement this feature all that needs to be done is to add one line of code, article:author, metatag in the header tag. To build a following on your personal Facebook page, make sure to have the “follow” option is turned on. If you are trying to build a following on a Facebook page, there is no need to take extra steps.

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