How do you get positive online reviews?

Since a more visible online presence is a key driver in SEO and your online marketing strategy, many businesses wonder about how to get customers to write good online reviews of their product or service.  There is only one really good answer: make whatever it is that you provide, good.

While it is much more likely that folks with an axe to grind are often quicker to pull the “review trigger,” many happy and satisfied customers will take time to do the same.  Review sites have become very social in that you can make friends or follow other users and people like to share their experiences – even good ones!

While you can encourage or promote customers to do reviews for you, solicited or compensated reviews are a big no-no and will often create even bigger problems.  You can use other social media platforms to promote your listings and encourage those review writers.  Try this:  “If you enjoyed your stay with us, you can share your experience at LINK”  or “How did we do?  Let us know at LINK.”   Of course in both these cases, what you are offering or doing had better be good.

Even those tactics may not help in the long run.  People are not necessarily going to write reviews for you because ask for them, but they will do them if you deserve them.  Be awesome at what you do, have a good product, back it up, and engage with your customers the right way.   The good reviews will come in.

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