How Can I Get New Users to My Site?

Every web page on your website should have a purpose. The end game should  be to convert users in one way or another. If you have web pages that aren’t being found online, or not being used by your visitors, you may want to consider re-purposing them, or getting rid of them all together.

Why You Should Care About Your Web Pages

As much as every webmaster or website owner thinks they have an incredible website with loads of useful information, the chances are, your visitors don’t stay on your site for a long time. Unless you are an entertainment website, odds are your users are spending less than three minutes on your website before ultimately converting, or leaving. Because of this, you want to make sure your low performing web pages are taken care of. You don’t want users coming to your website, not liking what they see, and leaving before you have the opportunity to convert them with your good content.

Where Are Your Users Landing?

Once again we will use the power of Google Analytics to figure out how visitors are interacting with your website. Once logged into your Google Analytics account, go to Behavior > Site Content> Landing Pages.  From here you can view what pages your visitors used to enter into your website. You can view their bounce rate, pages/session, average session duration, conversion rate, and goal hits, among a variety of other questions. You can view this information by custom date ranges as well.
This information allows you to see how users are getting to your website, and what they do once they get there. If you have a site with a page where many users came in as a landing page, but it has a higher bounce rate than you expect, it would be a good idea to take a step back and think about the content on that page.
If you need help identifying under performing or useless webpages on your website, contact the experts at Boston Web Marketing.

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