How Do You Ensure That Your Conversions Are Good Conversions?

For your company’s website or PPC ads, getting more clicks, more traffic, and more conversions seems pretty great. Conversion tracking is often the be-all-end-all of determining SEO/SEM success. But simply tracking conversion rate may not be providing the best data for your company. Not all conversions translate to paying customers, new clients, and new business. There is sometimes a singleminded focus on increasing conversion rate instead of making sure that the business is actually being affected by the increased conversions.

How Do You Determine “Good” Conversions?

The first step in getting an accurate understanding of your SEO strategy’s true effectiveness is by defining good conversions. The kryptonite to positive, focused, SEO/SEM data analysis is being too broad. Because every company is different, their definitions of quality conversions need to be tailored to them. A health clinic or restaurant should track whenever a customer looks for directions to their location or clicks to call. Conversely, lawyers and contractors might choose to focus on tracking form submissions. Each company needs to decide what it actually should measure for, to get the best understanding of their ROI. After deciding on the proper metric parameters, an SEO agency can design a website or online advertisement to provide a path of least resistance for your targeted consumers to get to that conversion point.

How Can You Discourage “Bad” Conversions?

Once a company or agency has defined what they are looking for, the next step is to minimize weak conversions. Good SEO strategies can both maximize meaningful conversions while simultaneously avoid conversions that will not translate to company success. Choosing keywords plays a large role in this. Using qualifying keywords can communicate to both search engines and prospective customers what your company’s goals are. Aside from choosing the right keywords to include, SEO representatives should strategically find keywords to exclude. It is important to ensure that a company’s advertisements and web pages will not show up for the wrong search queries, wrong geographic locations, or (when possible) the wrong target audience. With proper keyword and web design management, you can increase the value of each conversion and better represent an SEO’s strategy’s effects.

In SEO Marketing, boosting conversions and reporting on those trends is an ok gauge of success in the short-term. However, adopting a strategy that ensures that conversions are valuable to the business or client is the only way to promote long-term success. Overall, conversions should be seen as a matter of quality over quantity.

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