How do you do Industry-Specific SEO?

Search engine optimization takes on many different forms depending on what business you are working in. That is why there is no one specific way to do SEO. The basic principles apply no matter what you are trying to get ranked for, but there are some things to keep in mind that can help you rank highly in your industry’s major keywords.

1. Increase your knowledge of the industry. Many SEOs think they can just rank a site up without even knowing that much about it. Sure, running through the basic checklist of optimization will help the site, but doing your research on your client’s business and industry will give you the edge when it comes to increasing your presence online.

2. Find industry-specific review sites. We all know about Yelp and Angie’s List, two of the most popular review sites that cover an enormous range of industries. But what about review sites that only target one industry? Are you a moving company that is on Yelp but not on How about if you’re a lawyer, but you don’t have an AVVO profile? You want to be on sites like these to get more backlinks and to have the opportunity to get found through those sites.

3. Research your competitors. What are the competitors within your industry doing with their website? How are they managing social media? What kind of content are they generating? Staying aware of the internet presence of your competitors is another way to help you learn more about the industry.

4. Learn about online communities about your industry. Online forums and social bookmarking sites often have small communities that can focus on narrow subjects. There could be a community out there that either relates directly or indirectly to your subject or product. Staying active in these communities can get you backlinks and drive traffic. For example, you might sell kitchen faucets. There probably aren’t any forums out there specifically about kitchen faucets, but there are dozens of online communities about kitchen decoration and remodeling.

5. Learn about events revolved around your industry. Being aware of special events, conventions, and anniversaries related to your industry can be a great opportunity for relevant content creation and social media buzz. For example, the birthday of an innovator in your industry. Anything that is relevant to your industry is a good opportunity to create a good piece of content.

Good industry-specific SEO comes down to paying attention to the industry at hand, staying knowledgeable about it, and being active in the online communities related to it.

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