How do you add administrators to Facebook?

Facebook allows page administrators to allow other people to post to the page and offers many different levels and restrictions. Here we will explain how to add an admin and explain the different roles.

To start, we navigate to the page you want to add the admin to and click on “Edit Page” and then “Manage Admin Roles.”

 Manage Admin Roles


Once there, you can manage all current admins and add a new one. To add a new admin, simply type the email associate with the user’s Facebook account and then select the type of admin.

 Admin Roles



Facebook specifies what each admin can do.

  • Insights Analyst: This user can only view Facebook Insights. This level is great for someone who wants to view how well the page is doing but now allow to buy ads or post as the page.
  • Advertiser: This user can only create ads and view Insights. They cannot create posts or reply to messages or comments as the page. This level is perfect for an ad buyer.
  • Moderator: At this level, the user can view insights and create ads as well. They can also reply to messages and comments as the page. This is a great level for someone who you want to allow to moderate comments and reply to emails and comments but not post original content posts.
  • Content Creator: This level allows the user to create original content for the page as well as edit the page details along with all of the above. This is best to use if you want someone to be able to post to the page.
  • Manager: This has all the functions of a Content Creator but also allows the user to change settings which includes manage admin roles. This is the best setting for the main page manager such as a business owner or marketing officer.

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