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How Do SSLs Work?

A data breach or security threat can be disastrous for your website no matter if it is a simple blog or a full online store. Fortunately, there is a great way to quickly and effectively secure your website and its users’ data- a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate.

What Is an SSL Certificate?

An SSL is a digitally purchased certificate that provides added security to a URL. You can determine whether a website has an SSL certificate by looking for a small padlock icon in front of its URL. Seeing this icon means that the website you are visiting is secured and authentic. 

SSL Padlock Icon

As stated earlier, the main focus of an SSL is to protect user data, this is achieved through encryption. By encrypting data it prevents accessibility from hackers, malware, and the like. SSLs protect all user data ranging from their email address to their home address or credit card information. 

Should All Websites Have an SSL?

In short, yes, every website can benefit greatly from the addition of an SSL. However, websites such as online stores which collect personal and sensitive data should ALWAYS have an SSL certificate. Beyond the security measures this adds, it also shows users that your website is authentic and safe to visit. Websites that are not secured are marked by Google and will display various warnings and pop-ups explaining that said site could be a potential security threat. Although these messages are just warnings, they are a deterrent for potential user traffic and in turn harm SEO.

How Can I Secure My Site with an SSL?

In comparison to how beneficial an SSL is, it is actually quite simple to get a certificate for your own website. There are dozens of different hosts and even SSL-dedicated websites that offer SSL certificates of their own. Once you purchase your SSL it is a simple download to your site and you are all secure! The annual cost of an SSL varies depending on the security needs of your website but the average cost is $60-$75 per year. 

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