How Do “Near Me” Searches Affect Conversion Rates for My Business?

Whether your business rates highly for popular keywords and search terms nationally, it is also important to strategize your SEO for local schema as well. By doing so, you can increase the chances your business will be found through a “near me” search, resulting in a higher number of completed goals and potential customers. Depending on the services offered by your business, most of the people who can become your clients live or visit in your local area. To efficiently advertise to this audience using a search engine, there are SEO tools and methods available to best optimize your pages for localized search. For some helpful tips about how you can optimize your website for “near me” searches, read on, or check out our blog for a complete list.

How Do Search Engines Rank Websites on a Results Page?

In less than a second, search engines are built to provide users with millions of search results related to what they are looking for. With a countless number of websites and pages to sort through, many people wonder how major search engines are able to find the most reliable and accurate information. To narrow down web-maps full of content, Google utilizes a network of algorithms using factors taken from web-wide research on trending topics, as well as the location and search intent of the user. Artificial-intelligence software, such as Rankbrain and Google Pigeon, analyzes each website for the number of backlinks leading to their website, popular keywords and search terms within page content, and other factors to rank for relevancy on an SERP. For more information about search engine optimization and how you can improve the ranking of your business’s website, visit our website.

The Effects of Adding “Near Me” at the End of Any Search

Usually, when consumers are searching for goods or services, they are looking for the most convenient and closest option. Major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, are specially designed to utilize a set of algorithms to provide users with search results that most closely match what they are looking for. As mentioned above, these algorithms take into account the on and off page SEO of each webpage to determine its expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. In addition, they are also tailored to the individual’s location, search intent, and previous search history in order to collect data most closely related to their personal preferences. By adding “near me” to the end of any search, the user can guarantee that the resulting pages will be within a desired distance of their current location. Through coding and design, major search engines are able to identify “near me” as a specific criteria for filtering results to ensure they are convenient and relevant to the original search.

Optimize Service Area Pages to Increase Potential Audience

A simple and effective way to boost your ranking among local SEO is to create and optimize service area pages. Similar to social media posts, service area pages provide another page for your sitemap and create new backlinks that can lead a web user back to your business using popular keywords for a specific location. To increase the most amount of potential traffic, it is recommended to create a service area page for each town, area, or location you offer your services in. Service area pages are beneficial for “near me” searches, as they are coded to inform Google that your business is conveniently located within the desired distance from the search point. When these forms of searches are performed, your business is more likely to appear higher on the results page and be clicked for a conversion to be made.

Consider Utilizing Google My Business & Local Ads

Several companies utilize Google’s Local Ads and My Business Profile features to boost their ranking among local search results. Through a series of pay-per-click ads, Google offers businesses the opportunity to promote their website and services to customers located only in their service areas. These ads are popular with many business owners as they are usually low-cost, and only charge the provider if they are clicked. With the assurance that these ads will only be shown to a local audience, these are preferred for those looking to boost their ranking among “near me” searches. Similar to local ads, a My Business Profile allows businesses to provide essential information about their hours, accessibility, and location to local and national web users. It is recommended to keep your business profile constantly updated with store hours and other important information, as they can be the deciding factor for a consumer choosing between you and a competitor.

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To fully optimize the website for your business and increase the chances of meeting your monthly goals, it is important to tailor your website for both national and local schema. By utilizing different SEO tools and practices, such as service area pages, local ads, and My Business profiles, you can boost your website’s traffic among local audiences using “near me” searches. Our expert SEO team at Boston Web Marketing is available to help you strategize your SEO and social media plan to increase your goal conversions, brand awareness, and potential audience. Visit our website for a full list of our services, or give us a call at (857) 526-0096 for more information.

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