How Do Instagram Hashtags Work?

Social media like Instagram has officially taken over most peoples day to day lives. We watch videos, learn new ideas, and view amazing pictures on Instagram. But, how do you utilize Instagram to gain a following, most people believe it all has to do with hashtags. However, there is much more to blowing up on social media than simply hashtags. In this article, we will be answering some of the most highly asked questions regarding Instagram and its hashtag system.

Do I Use The Most Popular Hashtags?

No matter the post it is always good to incorporate hashtags to reach a larger audience. However, be mindful of the topic of your post and the audience you are trying to reach. If the most popular hashtags are car-related and you post a picture of food then you should not have a car hashtag just because it is the most popular. Instagram likes content and hashtags to match and compliment each other rather than confuse users. What you want to do the most is have a balance between large and small hashtags that all correlate with your post. Popular hashtags are commonly oversaturated, which is why mixing in medium to small-sized hashtags is advised.

Will Hashtags Get Me a Large Following?

Whilst hashtags help you reach a large number of people it does not guarantee you’ll gain a large following. What matters the most to Instagram is the posts itself. If you can create high-quality and eye-catching posts that can gain interactions then Instagram will begin to promote your account more. Hashtags are more of an added bonus if you produce good content but haven’t been getting the reach you were hoping for. So if you want to have a following make sure you have good content over everything else, there are plenty of posts that have gone viral that never had a hashtag to begin with.

How Many Hashtags Do I Need?

The amount of hashtags on Instagram is always a tricky question to answer. Instagram itself said its sweet spot is between 3-5 hashtags. However, most users found this to be inaccurate and that the more hashtags you use the better your posts will perform.  What we advise is to play around with all sorts of numbers of hashtags and track the performance of your posts. Instagram allows a maximum of 30 hashtags which gives you plenty of different options to test out. Once you find a number that works well for your posts, stay with it and continue to grow!

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