How do I Write Better Meta Descriptions for My Local Business?

For your location, there are many different options for writing a meta description. They may not be as important as they once were in search, but they add value to your business still. With a proper local SEO strategy, you can help nearby customers to find your brand. Meta descriptions and titles are perfect opportunities for reaching customers that are motivated to find the products and services that they offer. When writing meta descriptions for your business, consider what users will be looking for. 

What’s Local SEO?

When you’ve got a business location, you likely want to be found by people who live and work in its proximity. This takes some local SEO optimization. Understanding the user’s intent when they’re searching is crucial. If someone is looking for a roofer and is located in Albany, they don’t want to find one located in Tuscaloosa. They want a roofer in Albany, where they live. The entire point of local SEO is connecting with these potential customers to make them lifelong ones. People who are looking for products or services in their specific area, they’re likely more ready to open their wallets. This goes even further with mobile users doing local searches. The locality of your business should be reflected in the website’s metadata always. 

How Can You Set Your Descriptions Apart

If you’re an established business in your area, you probably have tons of local information about the area that others may not have. Many times, landmarks and other places can be helpful in local SEO to reach customers. Being more specific can be a great help with credibility as well. 

Generally, you want to answer questions and provide solutions to be found on search engines. If you provide a service where users are looking to contact you immediately, like food delivery or emergency pest control, you may want to include your phone number in your meta description. 

Help Preview the Page with Your Meta Description

Helping users preview the page is one of the most important aspects of meta descriptions that can sometimes be overlooked. You want to describe what the page is about and what they will find on the page when they click through. You don’t want to be deceitful. Matching meta description with the content on the page is the best way to ensure engagement

Seasonality Can Separate You

Consider this; you run a bakery selling pies, which is a fairly seasonal business. During Thanksgiving, you may want to take advantage of users searching for “Thanksgiving Pies near me,” but after this holiday, you may want to shift your focus to Christmas. Similarly can be said for event spaces, DJs & many other businesses. Think about opportunities for your business to stand out from the competition. 

A high-quality meta description should include keywords but also give information and a preview of the webpage. There is a lot to fit in this space; that’s why experimentation is key. Find out what works for your business and expand that strategy. 

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