How Do I Write a Good Page Title?

Page titles are a big factor in being found through search engines, and are also a large indicator of what your site entails. These are typically 60 characters in length, and briefly describe the page, location, and company name. It sounds fairly simple, but finding the optimal way of incorporating each of these elements into a small character limit can be tough. Continue reading to discover what you should include to write the best page title.

What Should The Page Description Entail?

When writing the page description for your page title, be sure to include the general focus of your page. Without getting too specific, as you will run out of characters, be sure to highlight what the goal of your content is. For example, if you are a Dentist and are looking to write a page title for a page dedicated to the services you provide, you would run out of room by listing each individual service offered. Instead, summarize the focal point of your page, such as “Exceptional Dentistry Services”. 

Is Location That Important?

Location is crucial for the success of being located on the search engine results page. Incorporating the general location within your page title allows searchers to find your company based off of their proximity to your location. Search engines like Google have a way of using location services to prompt the search results. Using the Dentist example from above, beginning your page title with “Exceptional Dentistry Services” and then adding “near (your location)”, will aid users in finding the best dentistry services provided in the area. If you happen to be located near Boston, your page title so far would read “Exceptional Dentistry Services near Boston”.

Why Should I Always Include The Company Name?

Including the company name allows for consistency across the search engine results page. If users see your company name appearing in a couple of different searches, they may be more inclined to visit your site after finding similarities to their wants and needs. This also allows for you to develop brand awareness and recognition. Getting your company name known is very reputable. Staying with the example from above, and using the page title we have created thus far, adding the company name is simple. At the end of “Exceptional Dentistry Services near Boston”, adding a vertical bar to separate this phrase and your company name will create the optimal page title. So if your dentistry was called “Smith Dentistry”, your page title would appear as “Exceptional Dentistry Services near Boston | Smith Dentistry”. This page title includes a brief description, location, and company name, all while maintaining 60 characters. 

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