How Do I Use Social Media Buttons?

For some marketers, adding social media in your content strategy is the last thing that they want to do as it already feels like a lost cause. For the past couple of years, there has been talk of social media dying out and that SEO is no longer relevant, but this is simply not true.

These areas that are “dying” are just not being used effectively, most of the time because of terrible placements and bad user-friendliness.

In this article, we will be talking about how and where to place those social media buttons to your site for maximum effectiveness.

Avoid Areas Like:

With social media buttons, it is important for marketers to remember that placing them in the wrong pages and utilizing horrible buttons will only end up being a waste of space and time for them. Not only will it make users not share the content but also might leave the site because it made the experience poor.

Placing them on a product, pricing, and features pages are proven ineffective. A couple of reasons why placing them on certain pages like these should be avoided:

  • An average internet user sharing a product page before buying it is next to impossible.
  • If you keep a counter on the number of shares that specific page has generated, it might have a negative effect on your page as it might reflect as an unreliable product because of the low quantity of shares.
  • Your goal is to get that conversion, meaning get the sale! If there are too many buttons, it might distract your user from your main CTA button.

Best Places to Add Social Media Buttons

Content marketing specialists such as the ones at Boston Web Marketing all have the same main goals with their strategy, which is to get the users to click to your website, navigate through the pages, and capture them with your content. But the problem is, getting users to your website is hard and getting them to stay to consume your content is much much more difficult.

Placing those social sharing buttons on top of the page isn’t really helping you that much. You would want to place them towards the lower half of the page or right at the end. In this way, you will be capturing the users that were really interested in your content, hence, more chances of them sharing your content in their social media channels.

Depending on your content, try both areas (lower half or right at the end) to see which generates more shares.

Make those Numbers Work for You


Have more than 1,000 shares and you want to flex those numbers? Having a high number of shares can work for you and your credibility. By directly placing social shares on top of the page, you build your social credibility and users, especially new ones, would trust you more!




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