How Do I Use Keywords?

Keywords can help businesses make sure they are reaching target audiences and creating relevant content. When maintaining your brand’s online presence, you should make sure you are adequately utilizing keywords according to product, industry & location. You should also avoid keyword stuffing – overuse of keywords in your content can negatively impact your rankings. Here are some ways to skillfully use keywords & increase organic traffic.

Page Titles & URLs

A page title is the first line that Google sees, as well as the first line that users see when your page shows up in search. Your page title should be as descriptive as possible in telling  Once you have chosen an appropriate title, don’t forget to optimize the URL too! Automatically generated URLs have random numbers, letters, & symbols that are not appealing to users – but you can change them to match the page title and contain relevant keywords.

Meta Descriptions

Like page titles, users can read meta descriptions in search results before they decide to click on your page. This can make the meta description a huge factor in whether or not a user decides to visit your page. Meta descriptions are also part of the content that Google uses to deliver relevant search results.

Blog Posts

Keep in mind that when Google crawls your site for new content, this includes blog posts too. Creating new posts relevant to your keywords will make your site rank higher in searches. By consistently creating relevant content, you can expand your XML sitemap, use more keywords, and avoid keyword stuffing into a select few pages.


Including relevant images in your content can also boost your ranking thanks to keywords – Make sure that for each image you add alternative text on the site’s back end. This enables Google to crawl the images, and creates more diverse accessibility for those with vision impairment or disabilities.

Social Media

On social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, users can not only search by hashtag but also by word or term. Incorporating keywords into the wording of your social media posts allows for your profile to be seen more often & organically.

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