How Do I Use Jetpack to Publish my Blog Posts?

When you are managing multiple websites, it can be difficult or irritating managing all the different types of social media accounts. Using Jetpack’s “Publicize” feature can help in sharing your WordPress blog on multiple social networking websites such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter & more.

To auto share your blog, use the following steps:

  1. Log into WordPress & add the Jetpack plugin.
  2. Create account at
  3. Open plugin & connect to WordPress account.
  4. Log into all social media accounts you’ll be connecting.
  5. In Jetpack, find publicize & click configure.
  6. To connect Facebook, find specific client & click ‘Make this connection available to all users of this blog?’
  7. Authorize Twitter account & make connection available to all users of this blog.
  8. Connect Google+, find client, connect, accept permissions & make connection available to all users of this blog.
  9. Once you have saved your changes, go to your client’s Google+ settings. Scroll down & choose manage apps & activities.
  10. Edit ‘visible to’ & choose public. Save.
  11. After you have created a blog post, choose edit details to the right, select accounts & create a custom message.
  12. Deactivate any other social media plugins that auto post.
  13. Make sure Facebook isn’t linked to Twitter so you aren’t posting twice.

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