How do I use Google’s New Mobile Testing Tool?

In 2014 Google’s original mobile testing tool was released. Two years may not feel like a long period of time, but in the world of technology it can be the equivalent of a lifetime. Recently, Google launched an update for the tool that calculates a website’s mobile-friendliness. The update for the mobile testing tool was much needed, especially because of the impact mobile-friendliness has. According to Google, “people are five times more likely to leave a mobile site that isn’t mobile-friendly,” meaning it is crucial for businesses to optimize their sites for mobile users.

How to Access the New Google Mobile Testing Tool

  1. Go to Google’s Search Console’s mobile usability report
  2. Enter the URL of the website to be tested
  3. Click “test now”

After “test now” is clicked, results will be generated and the page will look similar to this:

example website

How to Interpret Google Mobile Testing Tool Results

Google makes it fairly simple to determine the mobile-friendliness of a website. The first category given in the report is Mobile-Friendliness. It is clear to see that the overall mobile-friendliness of the example website is 99/100. This information is beneficial for those just looking for a brief overview, however there are also features available for those looking to improve their mobile site.

Along with the mobile-friendliness grade, the testing tool also gives a ranking for Mobile Speed and Desktop Speed. This information was not available in Google’s original testing tool, which makes this updated version even more helpful to users. Additionally, the mobile testing tool provides some of the factors Google uses to determine how mobile friendly a site is in order to assist users with optimizing their websites.

Even More Features of the Updated Google Mobile Testing Tool

Comprehensive report: Google now gives users the option to have a comprehensive report sent directly to them. This full report is free and Google even promises that it will arrive within 24 hours.

Mobile tips: Google provides users with mobile tips in an easy-to-understand format before receiving a comprehensive report.

In the information provided by Google, businesses are able to learn exactly what areas their website is scoring poorly in and precisely what needs to be fixed. Google even provides links to technical support if assistance is needed while fixing the problem. All guesswork is taken out of the optimizing process, which makes the entire procedure much easier for users. Because of the impact mobile users have, it is crucial that businesses take their experience into consideration when optimizing their website.

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