How Do I Track My AdWords Every Hour Of The Day?

Even if your AdWords account is perfect, the search world is often risky and uncertain. So how do you make sure your AdWords doesn’t let any mistakes slip through? One way is constant vigilance; but in today’s busy world, this is nearly impossible. That’s why Brainlabs has created a script that emails you every hour with the current cost of your account.

hourly email

Collecting, analyzing, and using data is what separates the haves from the have-nots in the digital marketing world. If you should have a sudden spend or slump in searches, you’ll be alerted immediately in order to avoid any crisis’.  The report includes paused and removed campaigns, and allows you to set up an hourly schedule (take into consideration that there is a lag of about 20 minutes before AdWords gets data). This script can also give you impressions, clicks, and conversion data, depending on your personal settings.

As a scientific digital marketing agency, Brainlabs existence depends on collecting accurate data. To help their users, they’ll search and destroy some of the following mistakes:

  • Unused or unnecessary filters and profiles
  • Unlinked AdWords campaigns
  • Inaccurate content reports
  • Untagged marketing campaigns
  • Missing goal strategy
  • Pages missing code
  • Homepage redirects
  • Cross and Sub Domain tracking

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