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How do I take advantage of Real-Time Data?

Real-time data is any information that becomes accessible for use almost immediately after the event/ data occurred. You can use the information and trends that are collected for creating a useful marketing strategy for your business. You can view your website’s real-time data by accessing Google Analytics and by taking advantage of your analytics, you can view:

  • Amount of people that are on your website right now
  • The page views every minute (with a one minute time delay)
  • Top active pages
  • Page view per second (with a fifteen second time delay)
  • Top keywords
  • Top social traffic
  • Top referral sites

On Google Analytics and by viewing the locations data tab, you can adjust your marketing messaging and product offering based on where your users are located. Another way to utilize trending topics online in real-time is to use platforms like Twitter or Google Trends. For Google Trends, you can explore single keywords and  compare and contrast keyword options. It will be useful by first refining the trend search to your main focus for your marketing strategy. A lot of useful real-time data has come from Twitter, like accessing real-time information and micro trends is a great opportunity for marketing promotion if you find a common connection to your business. 

Take the time to maximize your opportunity with these tools to expand your marketing strategy ! For more information on real-time data, contacBoston Web Marketing at 857-526-0096. 

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