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How Do I Segment Web Traffic with Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is far and away the top free resource for analyzing web traffic, and its presence is nearly ubiquitous for small businesses that have not yet found the need to move to enterprise solutions like Omniture or Mixpanel. Being the most common search engine and therefore primary source of organic search traffic for most businesses, Google Analytics puts a wealth of information at your fingertips that can lead to great insights for showing what kind of content on your site is performing well, and where its current limitations are. Understanding these insights can be made easier if you utilize Google Analytics ability to segment your traffic data, by offering comparisons between different information about the users on your website.

Segmenting Data Traffic

Beyond offering pure traffic numbers, your Google Analytics reports can break down data based on a variety of information available about each individual user. One of the most popular segmentation choices is to look at the difference between mobile users on your website. With mobile traffic on the rise as a percentage of web traffic every year, this can be especially valuable to run on your Behavior and Acquisition reports to see which pages of your website have higher bounce rates and shorter time spent on the site, which can indicate that you may have pages that could use improvement for a certain segment of users. Or for another example, if you wanted to know which landing pages are the most popular on mobile, you could segment the Behavior > Site Content > All Pages report by using the mobile device type segment.

For more examples and tips on getting the most out of Google Analytics, visit the Google Support Page or contact a Google Partner certified representative at Boston Web Marketing today.


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