How Do I See My Location History on Google Maps?

Not a lot of people know but Google is actually tracking your location and saving all the data.  This is how Siri knows where you work and where you call home. This may seem like an invasion of privacy to a lot of people so luckily, you can turn location history off but it is sometimes cool to go through your location history and see where you went on any given day. Only you can see your location history.

To view your location history, log into your Google account and visit the URL:

Here you can see your ‘Timeline’. You can browse by a specific day or all time, along with other information like trips, home and work, and most visited places. It’s a little creepy but very cool. You can also choose to pause, edit or delete parts of your location history.

It may be interesting to see where you’ve been and where you’ve traveled, especially if you are a world traveler.  It may bring back some fond memories.  This is a cool little Easter egg that not many people know about so check it out!

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