How Do I Schedule Facebook Posts?

If you are managing a social media account for your business, this is a good tool to use. Who wants to be working 24/7 while also constantly posting articles, pictures or blog posts on Facebook? A good strategy is to gather a handful of posts and content that you want to post and schedule them for the future.  This way you won’t forget to post, you free up time for other tasks and you also won’t have to be constantly connected to your work.

If you click the little arrow next to the publish button, it will give you an option to schedule, backdate or save a draft of your post.

schedule facebook posts


Simply enter a date in the future that you wish to schedule your post for. Note that the date must be between 10 minutes and 6 months from when you create the post.



Take an hour to schedule all your Facebook posts 1 week in advance and see how much time you save!

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