How Do I Reverse Traffic Downtrend?

During a website redesign, domain change, or re-branding, it’s not uncommon to see a reduction in organic search traffic.  This usually comes from new visitors and patrons not being aware of changes you’re making to your website.

Here are three things to keep in mind when it comes to strategizing website traffic: identify the source of the decline, implement ways to generate an audience, incorporate new ideas to appeal to more viewers.



When organic traffic drops, it’s usually caused by fewer pages on the site performing, fewer visitors visiting pages to your site, or both.

To identify where the reduction of traffic is coming from, you should be checking if your site has errors such as:

  • 404 errors
  • Backlink penalties
  • Dropped pages
  • Infinite crawl spaces
  • Missing, incorrect, or incomplete URL mappings



While you are waiting for your organic traffic to return, you can get leads to your site by using other methods such as:

  • Paid advertising using Google AdWords or being featured on magazine and newspaper websites
  • Engaging with users on social media and generating controversial content
  • Promote your posts on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram
  • Use internal links to lead users to other pages on your site



When it comes to rebranding or redesigning your site, you should also think of finding new ways to get creative with your content.

Some creative ways to add new and engaging content include:

  • Using polls like on Twitter, or asking for recommendations on Facebook
  • Creating fun or controversial videos to post on social media
  • Hosting webinars and tutorials

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