How Do I Respect My Employee’s Privacy on Social Media?

“If Grandma wouldn’t approve, don’t post it.”

While this expression may be true for posting appropriate, respectful, and tasteful content on your social media platforms or your website, there can be other forms of content that may not be approved, particularly by your employees.
While almost everyone uses some form of social media, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat, there are a few people who don’t use social media because they are not comfortable with having their faces plastered on the Internet.
An innocent selfie at a company outing may put one of your coworkers at risk, or they simply may not be comfortable with friends and family seeing them out of setting.
Posting pictures of your employees at company events, or having employee spotlights featured on your website or social media may make your employees feel as though their privacy is at risk.  Here are a few ways you can incorporate privacy into your social media policy and marketing strategy.

  1. Instill an environment of confidentiality: Keep sensitive information about employees off social media and your website to ensure their privacy if they asked. Creating a sound confidentiality policy also restricts employees from disclosing sensitive information on any social media platforms.
  2. Be transparent: If pictures will be taken at a company outing, or if you would like to have employee staff highlights, provide disclaimers stating that some of the photos have the potential to appear online.
  3. Create expectations: Specify guidelines for personal social media accounts that are associate with the business profile, as well as sharing content on the company page. Encourage your employees to engage with the social media profiles in a positive light to maintain the company’s reputation, but also respects their coworkers’ privacy.

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