How Do I Recover from a Ranking Decline?

Search engine rankings cannot be permanent. It will always be about maintaining your relevance and even then, you are not guaranteed that number one spot. Nobody knows the magic recipe yet, unfortunately. Search engines are always changing with updates, or they prioritize mobile search, or somebody just became more relevant than you. Nonetheless, when you fall from the rankings, do not be disheartened.

Mobile Friendly

As digital technology continues to improve, and people’s behaviors change, so does the internet. Google just launched an update a week ago where it said that it now ranks websites on how friendly they are to mobile users. This isn’t a surprise anymore as, depending on the industry, people tend to use their mobile phones more often than their desktops or laptops. People are always on the go and you can’t expect them to walk around lugging around their desktops and laptops. After all, aren’t we all aiming for that extra convenience? The best thing you can do is to optimize your website and all your pages to be responsive depending on what the users are using. In addition to that, make sure that however your pages are optimized, their speed is above average.


You think your images don’t have any effect on your search engine rankings? Think again! Images help your user experience be more efficient. Relevant images with a detailed description of what the image is about can help out your customers understand what it is and a wonderful way to put some focus keywords in.


Google has always been about relevance. Some other factors are just bonuses, but the main thing is that the more relevant you are to the users’ searches, the better your ranking would be. If your rankings dropped, it might probably be because your relevance factor is declining. It is important to continue feeding relevant content in your pages and maintaining your digital presence. Try adding a few more blogs or service area pages that highlight your focus keywords to maintain your relevance.


Lastly, credibility. Search engines would put you in better ranks if you have credible links that back you up. Your downfall in the rankings game is probably caused by bad links that are connected to your pages. Make sure that the links that are linked back to you are credible and not at all fake. After doing so, create a strategy that leads you to get credible and powerful backlinks such as Yellow Pages.

Boston Web Marketing is an official partner of Google which is why we get to hear the latest updates first hand. In doing so, we learn to adapt to new algorithms so as not to be inefficient with our work. After all, SEO is our specialty and it is our pleasure to apply our knowledge.

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