How Do I Reach a Younger Audience?

Millennials are the generation that are live online and present a unique challenge to marketers.

Millennials are driven by social opinions, and not fully engaging on social media marketing is not an option for the modern business that wants to reach the Generation Y.

The main question businesses may have is, “how do I appeal to a younger audience?”  To reach a younger audience, you have to engage with them on their terms, which means you have to “talk the talk.”

Here are a five ways that you can better connect with and increase your engagement with your young followers.

  1. Use emojis: Millennials can have an entire conversation using emojis alone, so make sure some of your social media posts are light-hearted and include emojis.

  2. Use memes: Marketers use social media to advertise, whereas users are on social media to make connections, share a few laughs, and stay up-to-date with the latest celebrity gossip that turned into a viral meme.  Using memes are an effective measure to draw in users because sharing strong visuals is a common way for users to communicate their interests.  Share creative visual content that users will be excited to share.

  3. Produce Video Content: Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube videos are great story-telling platforms for brands, and should be utilized to gain more viewership and user engagement.

  4. Reward Audiences for Engagement: Hosting contests and giveaways are great ways for brands to increase their exposure by giving incentives for users to like or share their content, or follow their brand page for the chance to win a prize.

  5. Optimize for Mobile: These days, young people are glued to their mobile devices, so it’s imperative to not only optimize your website, but also optimize your social media marketing strategy for mobile. This includes producing content that will look ascetically pleasing and is easy to share on phone and tablet screens.

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