How Do I Optimize Product Images for My Online Store?

If you run an e-commerce business, you likely know just how big of a role photography plays in your success. Graphic and web designers can only create an impressive looking website when high-quality images are available as a foundation. Keep reading our blog to learn how you can improve product images on your digital webstore.

Do We Really Need Fancy Images?

You don’t necessarily need “fancy” photography on your website to help impress consumers; the imagery needs to be crisp and high-quality, though. Internet shoppers can spot a difference between stock photos and professional, original photos. It’s your job to offer the best experience for the consumer as possible, so while they can’t physically touch the product, you want to make it as easy as possible for them to visualize themselves with it. Make sure you are thorough with your images to cover key features and angles. 

With even more shopping done online nowadays, you’ve probably noticed that you most often buy products with clear descriptions and photos when shopping online. If a visitor can’t make out what a product is or match the description to the picture, the chances of them making a purchase are slim to none. Ensure that your written descriptions and photos convey the same message to consumers. 

Don’t forget about the SEO value of images either; include titles and alt-text to tell Google more about the photo and help you climb SERPs.

Photos Tell a Story

Not every visitor to your website will want to read a large paragraph of text. Many people find visually learning to be best for them. You want it to be clear what it is you’re selling as well as some practical uses of the product. Help your photos stand out by using action shoes of people using the product. Make sure that people look happy, and the emphasis is on the product. As we mentioned, visualization can be part of the buying process, so make it easy for users to see themselves using your product. Video can be a great asset as well, if applicable to your business.

Optimize with Quality in Mind

We know that using crisp, high-quality images is the best practice for your site. But optimizing images to reduce size is an impact as well. Find a tool to reduce image size without sacrificing quality. Don’t skimp on detailed photos of your product so that the page loads faster. Take other steps to improve your website’s speed

Hire a professional photographer to cover your products from all angles and views that a consumer would find useful after all, the website is for users first. Use images to bolster your products and show off their best qualities.

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